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Retainers for our patients in Invisalign

So…What’s Next?

LoDo Orthodontics will monitor the initial stabilization and follow-up for your beautiful new smile for up to 12 months after the completion of your active Invisalign treatment. During this time the Invisalign aligners will continue to be worn and phased down to a sleep time only wear. This will allow the teeth to settle into their new positions. At the end of this stabilizing treatment, Dr. Shane will give you recommendations for long-term maintenance retainers. We will fully discuss your options and costs involved, and the final decision will always be yours to make.

This long-term maintenance and the cost of retainer construction beyond the 12 month aligner phase-out is NOT an included service of our active Invisalign treatment fee.

When new retainers are required to be made, the most common recommendation we make will be the use of Invisalign’s Vivera Retainer system. It is designed to be a seamless extension of your active Invisalign treatment. Quite often, Vivera Retainers can be manufactured directly form the same digital data used for your Invisalign treatment aligners. The Retainer Package includes four sets of upper and lower (8 total) retainers. If care is taken against loss, breakage and careless maintenance, Vivera Retainers can last you a lifetime. If you are a bit careless – Don’t worry! Invisalign will always have your digital data available to manufacture additional Vivera Retainers years from now at a minimal replacement cost.

Vivera Retainer Fees and Costs

Basic Vivera Retainers using Invisalign aligner molds $495
Custom Vivera Retainers requiring new molds $695
Retention Office Visit (6 months following Invisalign treatment) No Charge
Retention Office Visit (beyond the 6 month stabilization care) $35

There are many other types of retainers used in orthodontics today. There may be a particular type of retainer better suited for your needs. We will discuss the benefits and costs with you on an individualized basis.