Free Orthodontic Consultation In Denver, CO – LoDo Orthodontics

Why have a free orthodontic consultation?

There is no charge for your consultation with Dr. Shane. At your free orthodontic consultation, Dr. Shane will discuss your treatment goals and needs, determine what movements are necessary, and identify the treatment option that is right for you. A consultation with an orthodontic specialist helps you select the treatment that will optimize your results. The consultation also allows you the opportunity to meet us and help you feel comfortable that you are selecting a highly qualified orthodontic provider that is the best fit for you. Request your consult Here.

What information should I have available?

Please fill out our Patient Information Forms, bring your driver’s license and, if you would like us to confirm any orthodontic benefit, your dental insurance card. Please have your dentist’s information available as well, to coordinate any X-rays or treatment you might need. If you wish to start orthodontic treatment, we will confirm that your dental visits are up-to-date.

What can I expect?

If you have not completed our forms, please arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment. The appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes, and we will take a panoramic X-ray if necessary. Dr. Shane will review your desires and goals for treatment and then conduct a thorough orthodontic aesthetics and bite evaluation. Then, Dr. Shane will discuss various treatment options (e.g., braces, clear braces, Invisalign) and the type of treatment that is best for you as well as what you can expect during treatment. At the end of the appointment, we will provide you with an estimate for treatment and insurance coverage (if applicable) as well as what financing and down payment options will work best for you. If appropriate, we will conclude by discussing your next steps if you decide to get started.