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Retainer Costs

Congratulations…you have finished your orthodontic treatment. What a great smile!

Yes…you still need retainers.

It is common knowledge that “Dental Retainers” are required after orthodontic treatment has been completed – regardless of the type or length of treatment. Your newly straightened teeth will have a natural tendency to return to their original positions. It’s like getting your body physique “re-shaped” with the help of a personal trainer. Ongoing regular maintenance “workouts” are required to keep that healthy new body in its healthy new shape.

Whether it is your physique or teeth, long term maintenance is required. It is a commitment you need to make, and it is up to you.

For our patients in braces

For our patients in Invisalign

Replacement Retainers

If you had braces a long time ago and your retainer breaks, don’t worry! We are happy to make replacement retainers.

LoDo Orthodontics is committed to assisting you in keeping your beautiful new smile for a lifetime.